DomiStock: Empowering Investors with Personalized Financial Analysis

DomiStock revolutionizes self-directed investing with its fully personalized financial technical analysis system. Developed with cutting-edge technology, DomiStock equips investors with the tools to build and manage customized investment strategies for success.

Key Features:

Utilizes proprietary formulas tested on historical data to consistently outperform Forex pairs and global benchmark indices
Chosen as the technical analysis software for the “Global Macro Multi-Asset Investment Fund” project at Columbia University in 2016, recording impressive annualized profits of up to 80%
Offers custom forecasting, profit-loss calculations, trading strategy analysis, buy-sell signals, and hedging signals
Provides parameter-based scans, cross-asset screens, risk appetite indicators, and auto-drawn support-resistance lines
Alerts for inflated-deflated price levels and strategy-based risk-adjusted scans
Various risk profile portfolios with auto-rebalancing and hedging tools
Included Tools:

Over 350 customized indicators
25 explorations
8 expert advisors
13 custom templates
Who Benefits from DomiStock?
DomiStock caters to investors of all knowledge and experience levels and investment horizons. Its intuitive design serves as both a trading tool and an educational resource, offering users access to advanced technical analysis insights 24/7. Whether you’re a novice investor or seeking to enhance your technical analysis skills, DomiStock is your comprehensive solution.

Unlock the power of personalized financial analysis with DomiStock.

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