Fibonacci Trader (OmniTrader and VisualTrader compatible)




Traders have used Fibonacci analysis for many years to predict key reversals in all types of markets, including futures, stocks, indexes and ETFs. Scores of articles have been written on the propensity of charts to react to these levels.

Fibonacci Trader provides an easy to use package that automates advanced Fibonacci analysis in OmniTrader. There are 2 different ways to use it – as a visual reference using the HRI Indicator or as a signal generator, using the new strategies. Both approaches are extremely powerful.

Our new Harmonic Retracement Indicator displays all the key Fibonacci Retracement and Extension levels on the right side of your chart.

Just turn on HRI and check your chart against the solid thick lines to see if the stock, future, or ETF you are trading has reached one of these key levels. You’ll be amazed at how often these lines produce a reaction in the chart.

Find out more with the video below

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