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When is the trend going to reverse? THAT is a great question. Fortunately, Ed Downs of Fulgent Technologies has a very interesting new system to help you answer that question.

The developers at Fulgent set out to create this Expert Suite with the goal to generate the most consistent gains and lowest drawdowns possible.

The key to steady performance is a collection of methods that have complementary trades so they maintain continuous trade allocation in an account to maximize gains and minimize risk.

It’s easy to create methods that fire a lot of Signals. However, in order to get the most accurate signals, they must employ sophisticated filters that screen out all but the most probable candidates. This results in fewer, but more profitable trades.

While some of the Signals from X-Suite occur at the same time, most of them do not. This means more trades and more allocation in an account.

X-Suite aggregates FIVE Premier methods that show outstanding performance individually. However, the REAL power of X-Suite is realized when combined into one MetaStock Expert.


  • X-AROSC This method uses the AROSC-X system, which is based on the Aroon Oscillator indicator.
  • X-MFI This method uses the MFI-X system, which is based on the Money Flow indicator.
  • X-PRC This method uses the PRC-X system, which is based on the Price Rate of Change indicator.
  • X-STO This method uses the STO-X system, which is based on the Stochastics indicator.
  • X-ULT This method uses the ULT-X system, which is based on the Ultimate Oscillator indicator. This indicator uses the sum of three oscillators.


  • Fulgent Loss Level X-Suite
  • Fulgent Loss Mask X-Suite
  • Fulgent Profit Level X-Suite
  • Fulgent Profit Mask X-Suite
  • Fulgent Warm Up X-Suite


  • Fulgent AI – X-Suite
  • Fulgent AI – X-Suite:X-AROSC
  • Fulgent AI – X-Suite:X-MFI
  • Fulgent AI – X-Suite:X-PRC
  • Fulgent AI – X-Suite:X-STO
  • Fulgent AI – X-Suite:X-ULT

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  • Fulgent AI – X-Suite

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  • Fulgent AI – X-Suite


  • Fulgent Ai – X-suite