GMMA 2.0 (OmniTrader and VisualTrader compatible)




Daryl Guppy is famous world wide for his Guppy Multiple Moving Average approach to trading. Guppy’s Count BackLine (CBL), offers a method for triggering entries, calculating maximum risk, and establishing profit-protection conditions—a complete approach to trading the markets!

GMMA 2.0 represents not only an improvement on the original plug-in, but it also includes two of Guppy’s latest discoveries.

Count Back Lines Concept

The Count Back Line (CBL) is closely related to the GMMA concept because it is designed to adapt to changing volatility of a market. The CBL concept is one of the key Trade Entry and Stop Management techniques Guppy teaches in his seminars and writings.

The TVL Breakthrough

Since the original introduction of GMMA, Guppy has developed an exciting new technique based on GMMA called the Trend Volatility Line. By generating lines based on the slower group of Moving Averages, and adjusting these lines when the upper average crosses the prior line, a step-wise trailing stop is created that does a much better job than a traditional trailing stop. The TVL method has not been released and is currently not available to anyone outside of this offering!

Powerful Additions for OmniTrader or VisualTrader

Once again, we worked with Guppy to create Indicators, Systems, and Strategies based on these two powerful concepts. Daryl mostly teaches how to visually confirm trades using these methods, but we were able to combine them to create our profitable Guppy Power Strategy—a free bonus that comes with GMMA 2.0 for a limited time

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