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Since Guy Cohen introduced the Options Volatility Indicator, or OVI, his proven blend of technical expertise and hands-on instruction have helped him form a dedicated community of traders like no other. OVI is a unique technical indicator that requires no knowledge of trading, and can be used with both stocks and options.
Best of all OVI Traders and MetaStock have teamed up to provide a unique Add-on that combines the muscle of the MetaStock PowerTools and the data and instruction of OVI Traders Club. For the first time ever, you can use Guy’s powerful OVI tools side by side with any indicator, exploration, or any other tool inside of MetaStock.
Guy Cohen’s OVI Traders Add-on for MetaStock offers the following benefits to traders of all levels:

Technical methodology based on logic, not magical numbers
Proven at the index level and the individual stock level
Remarkable ease of use, though it is compiled from billions of rows of data
Incorporates the proven scanning and charting power that comes from the MetaStock PowerTools

In the same way weather forecasters and apps are able to draw on massive amounts of data not available to the average consumer to provide simplified forecasts, OVI draws on enormous amounts of market data to identify trading opportunities in an easy-to-understand tool.
When you subscribe to Guy Cohen’s OVI Traders Add-on, you not only get the ability to scan and chart the market for OVI trading opportunities, you also receive full membership in the OVI Private Club, a tight-knit trading community with all the tools created specifically for OVI.
The OVI Traders Private Club includes:

Weekly live webinars From Guy Cohen
A dashboard that gives a complete overview of the market from trend to pattern recognition and pre and post earnings criteria
Regular video updates
Blogs featuring input from other successful OVI traders
The Reversal Trade Finder
Interactive and intuitive watch lists
Access to OVI created watch lists
The OVI Paper Trader app
An entire archive of educational videos and walkthroughs

The OVI Traders Add-on includes the following:


OVI Colored Volume
OVI Indicator, OVI 5-Day MA


OVI Negative
OVI Positive

OVI Expert Advisor
OVI Template


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