Ichimoku Master




The Ichimoku Method was developed by Goichi Hosada and released to the world almost 50 years ago. In that time, it has shown to be a true time-tested method for trading in the various markets.

Ichimoku Master for MetaStock identifies signals and trades according to the rules of the Ichimoku Trading Method. To determine entry conditions, it looks at:

  • The Tenken Sen/ Kijun Sen Cross (TK Cross)
  • The Current Kumo Direction
  • The Future Kumo Direction
  • The Relationship between Price and the Kumo
  • The Relationship between Chikou Span and the Kumo
  • The Relationship between Chikou Span and Price

The basis of Ichimoku combines price and range averages in relation to a moving charted “window,” and is meant to analyze those components to help identify when a trend is developing with the purpose of following and profiting from that trend. The window, known as the Ichimoku Cloud or “Kumo,” is a dynamic range that defines equilibrium in the market and is a place from which to base trades.

Ichimoku Master takes the legendary Ichimoku method and makes it both usable and fast for MetaStock traders to use.

Items Included:


  • Ichimoku

Expert Advisors:

  • Ichimoku (Complete)
  • Ichimoku (Description Free)
  • Ichimoku (Minimal)


  • Ichimoku – Signals


  • Ichimoku Chikou Span
  • Ichimoku Kijun Sen
  • Ichimoku Senkou Span A (Unshifted)
  • Ichimoku Senkou Span A
  • Ichimoku Senkou Span B (Unshifted)
  • Ichimoku Senkou Span B
  • Ichimoku Tenkan Sen

System Tests:

  • Ichimoku Current Cloud
  • Ichimoku Future Cloud
  • Ichimoku with Loose Stops
  • Ichimoku with Medium and Loose Stops
  • Ichimoku with Tight Stops