John Carter – Squeeze System




Cut throught the clutter with John Carter’s Squeeze System. The squeeze indicator visually represents what is happening with all of the lines.

The Squeeze System attempts to identify periods of consolidation in the market. By identifying calm periods, you have a better opportunity of getting into trades with potential for larger moves. This add-on is designed to help you find stocks that are in a “squeeze”and then help you forecast the market direction awaiting the release of market energy. Now available for MetaStock, the Squeeze System will allow you to visually display these patterns in real time. In addition, you can now use The Explorer to find signals across hundreds of exchanges.

The Tools:

Indicators Included within Squeeze System:

  • ST Bands – This indicator is designed to show momentum. it is colored one of four colors. Dark Blue shoes Bullish Momentum that is increasing. Light Blue shows Bullish momentum that is decreasing. Light Red shows Bearish Momentum that is increasing and dark red shows Bearish momentum that is decreasing.
  • ST Squeeze – This indicator is designed to show you how long a stock has been involved in a Squeeze pattern. If it is red, the squeeze is tightening indicating a possible breakout. The longer a stock is in a squeeze pattern the more bullish it is.

Explorations Included in Squeeze System:

  • ST Prefilter – Designed to create a list of stocks that are above $20 and have a minimum daily average volume of 200 000 shares
  • ST Squeeze – List all of the securities in a Squeeze pattern and will list how long the squeeze has been active.

Expert Advisor:ST Squeeze Maintains a status of the squeeze, will show you if and how long the squeeze will be active and for how long

Templates:ST Squeeze Color codes all your indicators in the chart.