Magic Trader® Elite




15 years in the making, Magic Trader® Elite is designed to simplify trading and save time with a unique system of risk analysis. It uses patented visual cues to focus on the results, without the need to understand complicated technical analysis.

At the core of Magic Trader® Elite are 9 “ingredients” that provide simple, yet accurate analysis. These include:

  1. Magic Lines – Indicates whether bulls or bears control the market
  2. Blue Line – Identifies trends and denotes bullish/bearish territory
  3. Magic Zone Lines – Divides the price into risk zones
  4. Entry Spikes – Identifies potential entry points
  5. Health Risk Indicator – Shows internal health of an instrument
  6. Directional Lines – Detect strong bullish or bearish trends
  7. Magic Volatility Combinator – Measures volatility and indicates bullishness/bearishness
  8. Candle Colors – Neutral bars, warnings, and sudden trend changes
  9. Price Preceptors – Represent bearish and bullish believers price risk factors

With the Expert Advisor™and its built-in commentary tools, you will get a complete detailed explanation of the Magic Trader®Elite Ingredients. Magic Trader® Elite includes two experts. This includes a Magic Trader® Elite and a Magic Trader® Elite for Options.

With the Expert Commentary, you get important index levels, Important Daily Levels, summary breakdowns of the major ingredients, warnings, and breakdowns.

In summary, the Magic Trader® seamlessly pulls together and organizes a great deal of information to help you plan your trades with ease.

Magic Trader®Elite includes everything listed below

58 Indicators

40 Explorations

2 Expert Advisers

35 Templates

120 Page Manual