Marc Belnick’s Bullish-Buy & Bearish-Sell




Marc Belnick’s Bullish-Buy & Bearish-Sell is designed first to identify the trend of the securities you are trading. It will then guide you through the trade giving you buy signals with profit targets, initial stops, and ongoing stops. It also includes a robust money management system to help you mitigate risk and achieve favorable risk-adjusted returns.

Bullish-Buy & Bearish-Sell is an end-of-day system by design, but can also be used on an intra-day and longer term basis once you have completed sufficient testing to be satisfied that the specific time period works profitably. The system breaks trend down into three types:Short, Medium, and Long Term.

Short Term Trades usually last from a few days to a few weeks, Medium Term Trades usually last from a few weeks to a few months, and Long Term Trades usually last from a few months to a few years.

The Bearish Sell signals work exactly as above but allows you to Short Sell (Bear Sell), so when the market or security is bearish you can trade with the trend and/or hedge your existing positions.

If you are primarily a fundamentalist there are specific methods that you can use to integrate your fundamentals with the trading system. If you are a complete fundamentalist with the ability to select stellar performers, you can choose to only use the Long Term Buy signals on your selected securities.

The Long Term buy point will give you 1) a very effective entry point to minimize your risk with a well-placed stop loss and 2) have a high probability of your selected security moving up in price. Using this approach you may sell half your position, not at the indicated profit target, but when your security has achieved a 100% gain (as long as a Long Term sell exit signal is not given).

This approach is effective when buying securities with sustainable earnings and it may be better to sell securities with highly volatile and/or deep cyclical earnings, when the Long Term trend becomes bearish.

The risk-reward ratio of each trade is maximized by only selling half of the initial position when the profit target is reached and letting the other half of the position run using a trailing stop loss. Additional positions are only entered when profits have been realized on the previous position further enhancing the risk/reward ratio of the additional trade.

The Explorations will identify all Long Term, Medium Term and Short Term Trend Statuses and all Long Term, Medium Term and Short Term Buy signals (if applicable) with Initial Stop-losses and Profit Targets.

The Expert Advisor Commentary provides updated information every day (or any period) with the most recent trailing stops and profit targets. It will also shows you all historic trading signals.

Included with Marc Belnick’s Bullish-Buy & Bearish-Sell:

  • An Expert Advisor (including an additional Expert Advisor with alerts) with a Comprehensive Commentary detailing all entry and exit prices
  • A Bullish and a Bearish Exploration to identify potential Long Term, Medium Term and Short Term opportunities
  • 5 templates and 6 custom stop-loss indicators which show you the current stop prices of the trades that you are in
  • A comprehensive User’s Manual