OmniTrader 2021 Upgrade & GatorTrader Bundle




Better! Better! Better!

It starts with Better Organization

OmniTrader 2021 is all about making things better, we started by improving your
ability to arrange and move OmniTrader charts, and windows including the Focus List,
Portfolio the ALL NEW Universal Watch list and more for Better Organization!

Combined with Better Charts

OmniTrader 2021 has pushed the limits on the industry’s most fully featured charts by adding the ability to apply indicators to indicators. This is one of the most important improvements because traders often use Indicator Crossovers to confirm profitable trades.

We have also added a symbol water mark to the chart background and gave you the ability to lock your data values window so your always up to date.

And – Better Workflow

One of the greatest things about the OmniTrader 2021 upgrade is the small improvements that make BIG IMPACTS. Like the ability for OmniLanguage to guide users to the specific component where your custom code is having problems. And BIG improvements to OmniScans. You now have control over when OmniScans update while you are creating your New Scans.

These new features make it easier to organize the program,
Create Better Charts, Find Better Trades, and Make Better Decisions. It’s Simply Better!

To find out more about OmniTrader 2021  view this PDF