OmniTrader 2023 Upgrade




“I have to say… I am very impressed with our Team’s work on the NEW OmniTrader 2023. The new features cover every area – Finding Great Candidates, Charting, Trading, and so much more. Watch my “10 Best Features” video to discover these “gems” for yourself!

Then there’s Gann Master – a powerful Plug-In based on the work of the famous W.D. Gann. He was widely recognized as a trading “guru” in many circles. His work is still highly relevant, and the Signals identified by his approach are awesome!

We have never created a Plug-In around Gann’s work, until now. Jeff Drake pored over Gann’s materials to create a truly fabulous set of Indicators and Systems that implement one of Gann’s most popular methods.

Favorite Indicators & Systems

If you’re like most of us, you probably have certain indicators you use frequently. Now, you can create your own Favorites list. The Indicators and Systems tabs of Chart Options have new “Fave” check box. Just check the ones you use. When you click Add Indicator (or Add System) and select Favorites, there they are!

Correlation Tool

The Correlation Tool in OmniTrader provides a variety of options for finding symbols that move in close relationship with each other. Add any symbol to the Correlation Tool and compare it to another symbol, list, industry group, etc. to see a list sorted in order of highest correlation.

Interactive Brokers TWS integrated into OmniTrader’s Portfolio

This long-awaited feature enables you to see Positions and Orders in TWS in OmniTrader’s Portfolio so you can better focus on your trading.

Fast Charting from the Portfolio

Charts can be displayed for any symbol from the Open Positions, Open Orders, Closed Positions or Position and Order History tabs in the Portfolio.

Click on any symbol to display the chart. Use the Page up\Down keys, or the arrow keys on the keyboard to quickly view each chart.

AutoTrade Alerts via Email

New Alerts in AutoTrade allows users to activate the AutoTrade alerts they would like to receive in email on their desktop or mobile device.

AutoTrading with ATS/ATM in Real Time

The AutoTrade feature in OmniTrader allows you to trade any ATS Portfolio Simulation Method or, if you own the Adaptive Trade Management (ATM) module you can apply any of those methods – in Real Time.

Trade the Fastest Possible Signals

In prior versions, OmniTrader would wait until all analysis was complete before placing a trade on a new Signal in Real Time AutoTrade.
With the new “Trade as Soon As Possible” check box, it can take a new Signal as soon as it is generated.

This greatly speeds up trading in Real Time.
Equity Curve File from PortSim
Have you ever wanted to analyze the Equity Curve coming out of PortSim?Each time a Portfolio Simulation is run in OmniTrader 2023, an Equity Report is automatically generated and saved to a folder inside of the OT202X folder. The information contained in the report includes date, beginning time of the bar and the Equity at that bar.

Pull this data into a spreadsheet or otherwise analyze it to gain insights into the portfolio Simulation. At Nirvana, we use it to combine RT and EOD Equity Curves.
Chart Date – Quick Reset

New Left and Right Reset buttons enable you to go to the left or right edge after scrolling the chart.
Customizing the Months/Bars Toolbar

When zooming into chart data, most of us have a preferred number of bars to use. Now, you can change the number of Months (EOD) or Bars (RT) the Toolbar uses. Just SHIFT-CLICK on any button and enter the new value.

Interactive Brokers Symbol Translation File

There may be cases where the symbol that OmniTrader gets it data delivered to is slightly different from the symbol that is traded by Interactive Brokers.

Example 1: IQFeed – one of the supported futures data feeds for OmniTrader – provides data for the Crude Oil Futures Contract on the symbol QMCL. However, IB recognizes the symbol as MCL. A translation can be added so that a trade can be placed right from the QMCL chart in OmniTrader or using AutoTrade.

Example 2: You can also trade one security based on a different instrument. Continuing with our Crude Oil futures contracts example, the Full Crude Oil contract requires approximately $27,000 of margin to execute a trade. However, the Micro Crude Oil contract only required $2,700 margin.

We may want to analyze the Full Contract but trade the Micro, because the Full Contract is more liquid and smoother. Example 2 tells OT to analyze CL but trade the Micro contract.