OmniTrader 2020 Upgrade




To start off a new decade we are delivering an OmniTrader Upgrade and Plug-in that will empower our users to clearly see the market this year and for years to come! Multiple Timeframe Analysis (MTA) is the number one approach used by professional traders to focus on the Most Profitable Trades.

More OmniTrader 2020 Enhancements

· Zacks Groups are Now Available by Default

· Ability to Change Width of Volume Bars​ (In PR2A)

· Ability to Change Width on Line and Bar Charts (In PR2A)

· Quick Indicators Now Have Everything on One Consolidated Form (In PR2A)

· Data Values Window No Longer Obscures Chart

· Ability to Plot Chart Objects Behind Price Bars

*Product will be sent within 4-5 working days


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