OmniTrader 2022 Upgrade




3 Powerful New Indicators Carefully

Selected to Increase Your Success.

We were thrilled when Jeff Drake, our Director of Trading Technology, researched additional indicators and techniques that could help our users be successful. The result of his analysis is the addition of 3 powerful new indicators that we are sure will make a big difference. I’m already using them in my trading!

Coral Trend Indicator

Keeps You Focused on the Great Trades! (By Avoiding the Not-So-Great Ones)

The Coral Trend Indicator is a powerful trend-following indicator, where green represents a bullish trend and red represent a bearish trend.

When considering any trade, check the color of Coral Trend. You want to Buy in the Green Zones and Sell in the Red Zones. Nothing could be simpler. Click through the examples to see how well this amazing indicator works!

Rotation Factor

Get a Snapshot of Market Sentiment – Letting You Know Who is in Control!

Who’s in Control? Rotation Factor shows whether Bulls or Bears are driving the price.

The Rotation Factor is designed to show how market participants “feel” about the market they are trading. If the indicator is positive day after day, it means Buyers are in control of the market. If it continues to show a negative value every day, that means Sellers are in control.

Vix Fix

Tells You When It’s Time to Buy or Sell

VIX Fix indicates both trending and “fearful” markets, telling us when a market is likely to change.

The VIX Fix measures how close the current market price is to the lowest price of the last few weeks. It works because it’s based on how traders behave. When prices are in uptrends, the close is usually near the high. But prices close near the low in downtrends. The calculation for VIX Fix is similar to that for the volatility index ($VIX), but fixes some of the problems inherent with classic VIX.

VIX Fix can help us determine when a market is likely to change, so we can tighten stops or reduce position size.

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