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Simplicity Trading Systems was founded on the belief that technical analysis could be made simpler. We challenge the normal way of thinking and refuse to accept the notion it cannot be done. By cutting through the clutter of endless indicators, we shorten analysis time and predict future movements in price with a simple to use format.

How is this possible?

Simplicity has developed a simple three-step system that walks you through our analysis process and predicts future movements in price without having to interpret any indicators.

What are the three steps?

Step 1:Categories – Securities are divided into one of two categories, potential upward or downward trends. Endeavor represents the category that indicates potential upward trends.
Step 2:Color Codes– Trading opportunities are represented by colors each predicting specific upward movements in price.
Step 3:Smart Get-Outs – Each color is linked to a Smart Get-Out which recommends when to exit a security depending on the color’s movement.

What types of movements do the colors predict?

  • Green:Long-term upward trends that can last from months to years.
  • Blue:Short-term upward trends that have momentum.
  • Blue II:Consolidation before creating short-term upward momentum.
  • Black:Full rebound after a substantial pullback from a high.
  • Black II:Partial rebound after a substantial pullback from a high.

What are Smart Get-Outs?

Everyone knows entering a trade is the easy part. The difficult part is knowing when to get out. Smart Get-Out’s provide a realistic view on where price is likely to move before an exit is necessary. They provide both upside projections for price and downside risk.

Do I need to memorize all of the steps?

No. Whenever action is required we have alerts and commentary that guide you through the steps.

Why are there no indicators to interpret?

We don’t want you to get the wrong impression. We do value indicators but most are so subjective that they can create paralysis by analysis. Our system identifies the type of movement price is likely to make so you can feel confident in your decision. Then you are welcome to apply any of your favorite indicators.

What if I have questions?

No problem, we welcome questions! We’ve created an in-depth user manual for your convenience that helps guide you through the analysis process or check out our library of short video tutorials created specifically for you.
We welcome you to see for yourself how simple technical analysis can be.