GannTrader Pro (OmniTrader Compatible)



GannTrader Pro is the perfect blend of Trading and Technology.

We have based our concept on W.D Ganns swing pivots and added our update to a great man’s work .

W.D Gann was very secretive man in his work but here at SystemsTraders after 100’s of hours of research, we’ve put together this powerful plug-in for you and adapted it for the forex cash majors .

This is one of the best pullback systems in any given higher direction, not only will it find the first pullback you can change the pullback periods from 1 say to 20 and GannTrader Pro will find them for you.

You tell the system not the market on what you want to trade.

Requirements to use GannTrader Pro

  • Omnitrader professional 2020 2T and higher.
  • Forex data

To find out more about GannTrader Pro Veiw this PDF

GannTrader Pro is available at a 50% discount for a limited time only.

To find out more about GannTrader Pro View this PDF

GannTrader Pro Sales Brochure

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