The Elasticity Toolkit




The Elasticity Toolkit was created to obtain maximum gains in both sideways and trending markets with minimum risk. Developed by Timothy Straiton, the system performs with incredible results in almost all equity markets with a daily periodicity.

The Elasticity trading system focuses on short-term market fluctuations and takes advantage of deviation or “elasticity” from the mean price. Imagine the action of a rubber band being stretched and at the moment where the expansion loses momentum, a contraction takes place, forcing movement in the opposite direction. The Elasticity trading system signals a trade at the moment the deviation from the mean loses momentum.

Tim realized quickly that just having the incredible tools within this add on is not enough. He added an entire training course along with the system to ensure that not only are you able to trade with the tools effectively, but overall you understand how to trade as a profession with consistent income.

The training courses cover the following:

  • Class 1 –Technical Analysis – Learn how to use technical analysis methods that have stood the test of time and which are of utmost importance in identifying trading opportunities and protecting the trader from substantial losses.
    • Chart Pattern Recognition
    • Technical Indicators
    • Support and resistance
    • And more
  • Class 2 –Trading Psychology – Learn how the control of human emotions can protect a trader from making irresponsible decisions in the market.
    • Not Succumbing to the Herd mentality
    • News Trading
    • Believing in Price forecasts
    • Having Self Discipline
  • Class 3- Fund allocation
    • Why Fund allocation is important
    • Position Sizing
    • Calculating the maximum $ risk per trade
    • Applying stop losses
  • Class 4- Using Cash as an Asset Class
    • Why does cash play an integral part in portfolio management?
    • Psychological factors which make managing risk extremely difficult
    • Reasons to hold cash
    • Short term investment Vehicles
  • Class 5- Implementation of the Elasticity Toolkit
    • The Elasticity trading concept for disciplined trading
    • Powerful Candlestick Trading opportunities
    • Pivot point trading
    • Chart Pattern Recognition
    • Using Indicators to optimize trading strategies

The Elasticity Add-on includes the following


  • Elasticity
  • Elasticity Long Stop
  • Elasticity Short Stop
  • Elasticity State


  • Elasticity Closing Positions
  • Elasticity Opening Positions

System Tests

  • Elasticity