Vince Vora?s Voracity




Vince Vora’s ‘Voracity Indicator’ helps you identify profitable trades in all markets (Equity, Option, Futures, Forex). It takes advantage of strong, persistent trends and confirms trade direction across three different time periods. This indicator was designed to identify entries with pin-point accuracy and utilizes a unique exit strategy to maximize gains.
The Voracity MetaStock indicator gives you clear entry and exit signals and adjustments with detailed expert commentary.
These strategies are designed to give you powerful confirmed entries and have been fine-tuned to eliminate “whip-saw” trades.
“This is our most-powerful system for selecting better entries and exits. It was 25 years in the making and works exceptionally well on mid to long-term periods. Take the guesswork out of your trading.” ? Vince Vora.
Included with this system is complete access to Vince Vora’s Voracity courses including:

2 Pro training sessions to make the system even more powerful
A 30-day membership to the Tradingwins Pro video service.


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