VisualTrader 12.5 Upgrade




VisualTrader 12.5 enables you to consistently and efficiently pull profits out of the market by bringing the Trades to you…

  1. The NEW Market Scans II scans for setups across the entire market, delivering them to VisualTrader as they are identified.
  2. Patented “Transforms” convert movement into shape and color, showing which symbols are Trending, and which are turning back up with the Trend.
  3. VisualTrader’s Strategies find Reversal and Breakout Signals
  4. Alerts List shows the fired Signals with optional voice alerts, like “GBR Buy Signal” so you can focus on the charts.
  5. Trading is easy with the NEW Hot Buttons interface in VisualTrader 12.5. Create specific pre-defined orders. Or, fire off a Trade Plan to manage your Stops and easily manage your positions.

VisualTrader’s Patented 3D Trading Platform is designed from the ground up to deliver profitable trading ideas throughout the session AND in End of Day Trading. The new features in VisualTrader 12.5 make it even easier!

MarketScans Delivers the Movers and the Shakers

To get Profitable Trades, you first need great candidates, and that’s where our New and Improved Scanners come in.

Most Scanners can scan on price, volume and simple indicators. MarketScans has sophisticated formulas that can look inside the entire Stock Market to find the movers and shakers for delivery to VisualTrader.

Market Scans has been DRAMATICALLY IMPROVED for VisualTrader 12.5. Now, rather than waiting for a Bar to complete, the Scans are continuous – providing hot new candidates to you the second they are identified!

Find out more about VisualTrader 12.5 Upgrade in the PDF