VisualTrader 12.7 Upgrade




VisualTrader is, without a doubt, the most powerful trading platform on the planet.

How do I know? Because I trade with it every day. Over the past two years, my team has continuously added improvements to this awesome trading software. And TODAY, we are bringing them out to our loyal VisualTrader users!!!

POWERFUL New Features to Improve ANY Trading Style.

Incredible Plugin Support

We have added support for some of our most popular plugins including:

    •  Elliott-Fibonacci Trader  
    • Trend Master
    • WaveTrader 4  
    • Rocket 2
    • CryptoTrader
    • CT Trader

New Indicators to Super Charge VisualTrader
VisualTrader  includes some of the most used and requested indicators from OmniTrader including NTB Indicators:                                                                                   

    • NTB Renko
    • NTB Range
    • NTB 3LineBreak
    • NTB Point Figure
    • Heikin Ashi                                                                              
    • VisualTrader also including these New Indicators! Coral Trend Indicator – Rotation Factor Indicator and VIXFIX Indicator.

Enhanced Data Opportunities and Support

  • Crypto Currency Support

    VisualTrader now has added support for CoinBase Data and symbols.  Now you can see the Crypto Markets like never before.  *Requires RT Data or CryptoTrader.

  • Big Improvements in OmniScan

    We have added many new ease of use features to OmniScan including alphabetically sorted list

  • Newly updated Symbols Database

    VisualTrader  comes with incredible support for Crypto currencies, Micro Indexes and Currency Futures.

  • Update Data Provider Support
    VisualTrader  includes support for IQFeed 6.2 and MetaStock Xenith with new Futures and Continuous Contracts.

Huge Brokerage and Live Trading Additions

  • Support for Crypto Currency Trading!

    VisualTrader ow Features Live Crypto Currency Trading using CoinBase as your Brokerage.

  • All New Crypto Databases and Trade Calculator

    Added Support for all of CoinBase’s tradeable currencies along with support for Fractal Shares.

New Portfolio Equity Curves.

VisualTrader has updated Equity Curves that will show in real time how your positions are performing.  With detailed  statistics you always have the the information to make an educated decision.

The image to the left shows the Equity Curve over 3 days using the Trade Throttle.

Big Enhancements Across VisualTrader 12.7

  • All New Gain/Loss Percentage Bands - The All New Gain/Loss Percentage Bands allow you to easily see the magnitude of your potential gains visually on your chart.
  • Symbol Name Water Marks - One of the most requested features from OmniTrader 2022 has made its way into VisualTrader 12.7.  Now you can quickly identify the chart you are on!
  • Tons of Newly Added Features -VisualTrader 12.7 has so many new features it would be hard to list them all – below are some of the biggest:
    • Bars Column now updates in
    • Playback & Simulation
    • Data Window can now be set to Always Display
    • Data Window and Crosshairs are Independent of each other
    • Improved Trendline Segment Drawing Tool calculates & shows Percent Change