VOLT, developed by John Slauson, helps traders objectively identify support and resistance on 1-minute, 5-minute, and daily charts using Volume Profile. VOLT divides a range of prices into 12 levels with each level representing the amount of volume as shown below on daily and 1-minute charts.
Daily Chart

1-Minute Chart

This representation of volume could be called ?Volume by Price? meaning the amount of volume at specific price levels. Volume is accumulated at 12 price levels over a specified lookback period. The more volume traded at a specific price level, the higher the percentage of the total volume and the longer the histogram bar.
VOLT Volume Profile is similar to Market Profile® introduced by the CBOT in 1985. However, where Market Profile shows where prices spent the most time, Volume Profile shows where prices traded the most volume.
For this reason, Volume Profile is more adept at helping traders identify support and resistance.
VOLT uses the term ?High Voltage? to describe a condition where the price, moving average (or VWAP on intraday charts), and Point of Control all converge. When this happens support/resistance is more likely at that price level. Explorations included with VOLT screen for instruments with High Voltage.
VOLT comes with 7 plottable indicators, 3 expert advisors, 2 explorations and 4 templates.


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