Here at SystemsTraders we pride ourselves in helping you with all your trading software needs, since our conception we have 3 rules we live by.

  1. We provide exceptional customer service.
  2. Provide you with the trading systems that are profitable to engage the market.
  3. To help you trade the market like a professional.


SystemsTraders was founded by Frank Birch in 2007 with the goal to provide everything you need to trade and help make the process easier, Frank and the team have since helped thousands of traders streamline their trading processes.

SystemsTraders aim has always been to ensure we are able to meet all of our customers needs as well as a providing them with real time trading and the relevant trading automation they require. This allows the trading process to be more accessible to people from all trading knowledge backgrounds.

Lastly, as a company we pride ourselves on the fact that we work closely with Nirvana Systems who are always working on new and improved trading ideas and products. We are also the main reseller of all of the products supplied by Nirvana Systems within the UK and Europe.


SystemsTraders made its revolutionary appearance over a decade ago and since then, we’ve seen a phenomenal growth. It’s one of the arising companies in the landscape of trade business. Our main focus is to be innovative and stay updated in accordance to the investment area. I’ve been trading real time Forex, Futures and US stocks End-of-Day since 2004. We work closely with Nirvana Systems who created OmniTrader and also members of the Nirvana Club who work on advanced trading ideas and subjects. We are the main reseller of OmniTrader and all the products supplied by Nirvana systems over here in Europe & the UK.

Frank Birch

CEO & Founder of SystemsTraders



At SystemsTraders when it comes to marketing ourselves we like to ensure that this is completed in a way that best suits our existing and potential customers. We do this by ensuring the feedback that we receive is always used to further grow and mature as a company. SystemsTraders also like to ensure that all products that are incorporated within our portfolio are what suits all the needs of our customers as well as ensuring all information is readily available for the customer to access. We also pride ourselves on any query that is received through any of our channels is addressed accordingly.

Charlie Sarson, COO

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SystemsTraders acts as an investment catalyst where even the most inexperienced user can operate with ease with minimum of logic and strategy. To provide fast and easy access in regard to the financial market, we have developed really flexible trading platforms. Many acclaimed researchers and engineers were involved in its genesis of conception. We provide our clients with a myriad of tools which guides them throughout their first steps as traders and help them trade with ease. We care and are determined to offer our clients the best execution according to goal setting and expectation mapping.

Mantu Malakar, Head of Product Development


For any business managing all the sales and marketing nuances can be challenging. If marketing is done right, it can be a boon for an incredible business growth! An organization must combine sales and marketing for a fruitful result. The word-of-mouth testimonials of potential customers is very vital and act as brand advocates for the company. We try to sell and market with our clients, which consists of personal interaction, meetings or calls. For anyone looking for an uncomplicated but professional trading platform then SystemsTrader is your one stop solution. Because we consult you for the best!

Jerome Sigalow, Trading Coordinator

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Our projects rely on software analysis, transparent and manageable processes. We treat your project as our own. Our engineers love doing the hard stuff. They’re really passionate about writing good quality code that’s extensible and helps you do the job a little better. Our clients come to us asking to solve big problems, problems they may understand how the solution may be implemented but they’re not sure how to get there. We allow you to come to us with your product vision. We help you build all of the things that you need to have in order to start the process.

Susmita Gorai, Product Development Administrator


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