Chart Pattern Systems 7




The Next Evolution in Chart Pattern Recognition!

Chart Pattern Systems 7 builds on the legacy of Nirvana’s expertise in this area, adding improved Chart Pattern analysis to help our customers use the Power of Patterns in all their trading.   Not only are the Patterns in CPS7 better than any we have released before, we now have PATTERN OMNISCANS!  Whether you trade in Real Time or after the Close, the combined firepower of these assets is going to help you find explosive moves each and every day.

Better Patterns!

Parameters have been added to the Pattern Systems to better qualify the patterns and “confirm” them.

To the right are two examples of Gaps. The first is confirmed with 1 bar after the pattern, and the second is confirmed with 3 bars. Assuring that the chart moves at least 3 bars in the direction of the pattern clearly improves accuracy. Amazing moves in Chart #2.

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