CT Trader




Profiting from Coral Trend!

The Coral Trend indicator, introduced in OmniTrader 2022, is a very predictive indicator because of its ability to correctly forecast the beginning and end of moves.

We used the new Coral Trend Pivot indicator (CTPivot) to find the best breakout and reversal candidates the market has to offer.

Why CT Pivots are Better:

CT Pivot is based on changes in the CoralTrend indicator. When CoralTrend (for a specific Smoothing Period) turns up or down, the most recent High or Low is identified and drawn as the prior pivot.

Zig Zag pivots are often very late, because the chart has to move the given amount before they can be identified. But Coral Trend Pivots are often found more quicklybecause they are based on the turn in Coral Trend, not a Percent or ATR move. This makes CT Pivots ideal for any application where pivots are used.