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Fulgent AI is a robust Artificial Intelligence Engine developed specifically for trading. It uses hundreds of indicators and cross-market measurements over long-term historical stock market data to produce accurate trading opportunities.
Fulgent AI for MetaStock comes with the AI Engine, and provides four different kinds of trading signals:

Major Market Reversals – Trained to identify those unique times when a stock is oversold and other forces, including cross-market indicators, provide evidence of a strong move. Wide, intelligent stops are used to capture as much profit as possible.
Classic Swing Trades – Looks for classic “Reversion” Swing Trades. The intelligent Exits establish Stops below the lows of a move and look to take profits on the upper boundary of a Swing.
Quick (3-Day) Moves – Trained to maximize profits 3 bars after the Entry. This makes a great Strategy for active traders looking to trade the very quick explosive moves that often happen when volatility increases.
Volatility Breakouts – Trained to find “Volatility Breakouts” ? potential moves indicated by unusually high volatility in the direction of the breakout. These kinds of trades typically run for several bars before hitting resistance. The Strategy employs a moderate Trailing Profit Exit to encourage trades to reach their “apex” before signaling an Exit.

Simple by Design
With Fulgent AI there is no need to decide which Signal type to look for. The Expert Advisor will explain each Signal identified, in addition to showing where the Stops from the Strategy are placed on each bar. Because four different AI Strategies are provided, traders receive a target-rich environment every trading day.
Fulgent AI has been designed to provide clear, actionable Signals without the need for Interpretation using additional indicators. MetaStock users can leverage their success with other Add-Ons by starting with Signals from Fulgent, and confirming them with the other techniques they are familiar with.
For those running System Tests on Fulgent AI, a simple control is available from the Tools Menu to increase the Minimum Signal Rating, so the AI generates fewer, higher-performing Signals. You can also click “Show All” to see All Trade Ideas generated by the AI.
Because Artificial Intelligence is used, a single Component is all that is required for each function in MetaStock that is accessible from the Power Console:

Fulgent AI – Stocks.mwt

Expert Advisor:
Fulgent AI – Stocks

Fulgent AI – Stocks

System Test:
Fulgent AI – Stocks


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