Jake Bernstein?s Setups & Timing Triggers 2.0




Jake Bernstein?s Setups and Timing Triggers offer a collection of trading methodologies designed to work with stocks, futures, and forex markets. Each system follows the Setup-Trigger-Follow model, providing clear entry points, stop losses, and profit targets. Included systems cover various strategies such as opening range breakouts, moving average channels, momentum trading, and stochastic pops. With full integration into the MetaStock platform, traders can utilize explorations to identify trade signals and expert advisors for comprehensive analysis and real-time alerts. Jake Bernstein?s Commitments of Traders Tools are specifically designed for futures and currency markets. The package includes 33 Commitments of Traders Oscillators and Net Position Indicators, along with templates and expert advisors for various futures and currency pairs. These tools leverage the Commitments of Traders Report issued weekly by the CFTC to help traders identify major trends in price for commodities before they occur. The tools provide insights into the positioning of commercial traders, non-commercial traders, and non-reportable traders, empowering traders to make informed decisions based on market sentiment.


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