Wendy Kirkland’s Automatic Swing Trader




A MetaStock exclusive, Wendy Kirkland’s Automated Swing Trader Add-on employs her signature research to provide traders with precision buy and sell signals. The Automated Swing Trader takes into account overbought/oversold conditions, new trend opportunities, and confirmation indicators, to give you crystal clear entry and exit signals on your chart.

Also included are Wendy Kirkland’s proprietary studies PPO indicator and the Kirkland Oscillator.

Wendy’s systems is specifically designed to:

  • Help you find the stocks with the highest potential
  • Identify the stocks which are at a turning point – overbought or oversold
  • Notify you when the trend has begun
  • ​Protect you from whipsaws. ​

In addition, Wendy Kirklands Automated Swing Trader utilizes the MetaStock Explorer to scan through thousands of instruments to show you only the ones that currently meet Wendy’s buy and sell criteria. This is a huge time-saver.

To help you in your analysis Automated Swing Trader employs the MetaStock Expert Advisor to give specific specific advice on:

  • How to enter your trade
  • What options you should consider
  • Profit Targets to consider
  • Specific stop losses to use
  • Real-time entry alerts

Included indicators:

  • Kirkland PPO
  • Kirkland Oscillator

Included Expert Advisor:

  • Kirkland Automated Swing Trader

Included templates:

  • Kirkland Clean
  • Kirkland Full