Chart Pattern Recognition




Now you can identify the most profitable chart patterns in seconds, based on John Murphy’s many years of experience.

Hidden inside every chart is a story – a story about where the price has been and where it might go in the future. Some stories are obvious. Others are a little more difficult to figure out.

These stories are told with patterns. Chart patterns are simply defined as pictures or formations made by the price movements of the stocks or commodities you’re examining. Numerous studies have repeatedly shown that these patterns have excellent predictive value. In fact, technical analysts who effectively identify these classic, tried-and-true chart patterns are among the most successful traders in the world.

Now you can take advantage of the experience and insight of John Murphy, one of the world’s foremost financial analysts, to help take the subjective guesswork out of identifying these classic patterns.

Identifies both trend reversal and continuation patterns.

When analyzing chart patterns, technical analysts generally categorize them in two groups:(1) patterns that predict trend reversal and (2) patterns that predict trend continuation.

Most technical analysts consider the process of identifying patterns within the charts an art, and would hesitate to venture down the road of mathematically quantifying how to identify specific patterns. But with John Murphy’s practical trading experience combined with the technical expertise of the engineers at MetaStock, this incredible new tool rivals the best pattern recognition experts in the industry.

Reversal Patterns

Head and Shoulders
Inverse Head and Shoulders
Triple Tops
Triple Bottoms
Double Tops
Double Bottoms

Continuation Patterns

Symmetrical Triangles
Ascending Triangles
Descending Triangles