TTT Momentum Toolbox




The TTT Trend Momentum Toolkit is based on a set of simple yet powerful Momentum Oscillator Systems that can be used on your favorite Equities, Commodities or Forex. These are Mechanical Systems based upon classical Indicators with a twist. They consist of five Momentum based systems and three trend systems and are unique in the fact that they give precise entries, exits, stop losses, risk and exit parameter.

These systems also use Mike Rocheleau’s tried and true trend and momentum strategies based on the methods he’s been using for 30 years.

With the MetaStock System Tester you can scan and test your list, then view the results and rank them on either Net Profit or Avg Profit/Avg Loss. Once you have whittled down the list to a manageable number, you can make your custom list.

Next, you can use the MetaStock Explorer to scan and identify the issues that trigger a BUY or SELL. This allows you to efficiently scan through your issues and focus on just the signals for the day.

The Expert Commentary will indicate the number of shares and stop prices based on the Money Management parameters you set up. No Guess Work!

Teach Talk Trade’s Trend Momentum Toolkit included all the following

Toolkit Momentum Systems:

  • TTT StoRSI
  • TTT CMO3
  • TTT FibCMO3

Toolkit Trend Systems:

  • TTT Breakout
  • TTT 3 Amigos
  • TTT Trend Rocket